Regular Dental Visit

The Amierican Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommendeds the first dental check up at 1 year old or 6 months prior to the first tooth erruption.  Regular check ups help you child stay cavity-free and it is important for your child's dental growth and development to be monitored.  We recommend children under 3 years old to come in for a dental check-up once per year; children 3 years and older should have a dental check-up twice per year.

Our routine check-up's include:  

  • Comprehensive exam of the head and neck
  • Orthodontic evaluation
  • Dental cleaning to remove any build up
  • Fluoride treatment to help prevent cavities
  • X-rays to diagnose tooth decay (typically on children 4 years or older) 

Our goal is to help make you child's dental care as easy, comforable, and enjoyable as possible.  We pride ourselves on preventing dental probems, protecting children's overall health, and creating a relaxed and dental friendly expierience.