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The most common stain we see on baby teeth is black line stain.  Black line stain is harmless and strickly cosmetic.  Black line stain can be removed at your child's dental cleanings.  Patients that have black line stain tend to have less cavities, because their saliva is less acidic.  Using an electric toothbrush will help remove the stain at home.  


Maintaining good dental care early in life helps ensure continued tooth and gum health in the future. When it comes to dental hygiene for kids, you can never start too soon. The most basic elements of dental care are regular brushing and flossing, but it’s important that your children know effective dental hygiene techniques and have access to quality dental products. You should also try to make your children comfortable with visits to the dentist and routine dental cleanings. The earlier you start exposing them to good dental care, the more likely they will be to keep their beautiful smiles for life.


Good oral hygiene prevents dental plaque from building up on teeth; this inhibits cavity formation and reduces the oral bacteria that cause bad breath and cavities. Your children’s dental care routine should include twice-daily brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush and daily flossing.  When flossing your child's teeth lay them down on the sofa for the best acess and view.  When they are old enough to brush unsupervised, consider introducing an electric toothbrush.  Often times the night time brushing get missed because the child is too tired.  It's alright to brush after dinner, the important thing to remember is to brush every 12 hours.  


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